Glenwood Springs: Say Hello to the StoryBook Village!

Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Springs: Say Hello to the StoryBook Village!

We have never been to Glenwood Springs, but I am sure we will, and I am sure we will like it. Actually, we know a little about GS because we work with Trent and his guys at Blizzard Internet Marketing.

So here is the idea; it’s always more fun to travel if you have a contact in the community.

Let that be us if you are traveling East. Skaneateles is a small picture-perfect Village in the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York. Poulation 2,616. (You, on the other hand have 8,564 practically a city.) The name is Iroquis Indian; some say it means “Long Beautiful Lake”, others say “Beautiful, Lanky Squaw Who Likes to Make Babies”. I like the latter. Ha!

Start with our website and community blog (be sure to write some comments) and read our Blog and be sure to see “Picture Skaneateles”

then give Curt a call at 315-685-7568. We will give you a great deal on a great hotel room, and, a complimentary customized tour called “Secret Places”.

Then, next time we are in Colorado, we will call you. Cool, huh?