Dispatch Citizen’s Advisory Committee


Dispatch Citizen’s Advisory Committee
In January 2007, the Town and Village Boards jointly formed the Citizens Advisory Committee on Dispatch Services (DCAC) to discuss and make advisory recommendations on the most cost-effective and responsive way of providing:

Emergency dispatch services;
Inter & intra-departmental communications & non-emergency dispatch services
Emergency and critical parameter monitoring of facilities and systems
Citizen information & notification services, including the non-governmental volunteer organizations that serve the community.
In arriving at its recommendations, DCAC is examining not only current Village dispatch services provided to meet both Town and Village needs, but also reasonable service and technology options, paying particular attention to opportunities and issues that may arise within the next 5-10 years.  Initially the DCAC is gathering information through group and individual member visits and discussions with, at minimum, the Skaneateles Dispatch Center, the Onondaga County 911 Center, and another local community which takes an alternate approach to providing comprehensive services.  There will also be a series of open meetings to assess dispatch service user needs & requirements, technology options and challenges, and community views.   The final phase will be to wrap up its deliberations, formulate its report, and make recommendations in the Spring.