Skaneateles Merchants and SAVES

Skaneateles Merchants and SAVES 

The Skaneateles Merchants’ Association sponsor a quarterly fundraising effort for a local community organization.  In April, the Merchants will be raising money for SAVES – our local volunteer ambulance service.  SAVES will be moving into their brand new building on Fennell Street this month, but they need help landscaping the new property.  The money raised by the Merchants and you, will be used to that end.

How can you help?  When you shop at a local merchants’ business between April 21st and April 28th you can put your change in the specially designated box at any partipating merchants’ cash register.  Selected Merchants will also be giving you a discount on purchases if you make a donation in the box for SAVES.  Ask about it!!


Photo by Marianne Angelillo

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