Ed Mortin Speaks at the Creamery about our History

The 308 page book chronicles the activities of the 75th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment in the Civil War and is told in their own words.
On November 30, 1861, nearly a thousand men board a train at the State Street depot in Auburn, New York. On September 23rd, four years later, fewer than half returned. Some had mustered out a year earlier, some had come home with wounds that left them unable to serve. But most of the missing had been left in battlefield graves far from home, victims of cannon and grapeshot and mini ball and disease. Here, in letters, news accounts and diaries, are the stories of the men of the 75th New York who followed the drum into battle during the Civil War.

Author Donald E. Mortin has molded their stories into a compelling narrative; detailing the small joys and the excruciating hardship of a soldier’s daily life during the Civil War, and tracing the 75th New York through the regiment’s postings and battles. The result is a unique portrait of ordinary men engulfed in one of the most extraordinary periods in American history.

The book may be purchased in Moravia NY at the Cayuga-Owasco Lakes Historical Society & Museum during regular hours; in Auburn at the Cayuga County Historian’s Office (Old Court House Bldg/3rd floor) or Meyer Bookbinding – 35 Market Street; and in Skaneateles NY at the Creekside Book Cafe – 25 Fennel Street.