Skinny Atlas or Skaneateles, NY?

Picture this: A charming turn-of-the-last-century Village by the Lake. One of the Finger Lakes in Central New York that is.

Trouble is, how do you pronounce it? It all started before the American Revolution when the local Iroqious Indians labeled our crystal blue waters “Long, Beautiful Lake” which in Indaian parlance was “Skaneateles”.

Walking around the Village you will likely hear Skinny Atlas. Indeed, many local business websites but that in print. We think that’s because five syllables is a lot for any word, especially after a couple of beers. However, if you ask the “Old Timers”,or the Mayor, or anyone at the Historical Society; you will hear Skan-ee-at-e-les.

Still in doubt? This is a link to Merriam Webster On Line dictionary, where they have an audio pronunciation link. Try it out. Then come and enjoy the “StoryBook Village” and say it any way you want. Enjoy!