Welcome Skaneateles Journal

Linda Ober is editor of the Skaneateles Journal. She can be reached at 283-1615 or news@skaneatelesjournal.com.

More importantly, she now works from a Village Office. Welcome Linda!

Journal to launch local office

No, there isn’t a window. Yes, the walls are bare (right now anyway – photos are soon to come). And yes, I can walk from one end of the office to the other in just a few short steps.

But to me, it will soon be home.

After more than a year of operation based out of The Citizen in Auburn, the Skaneateles Journal is in the process of opening its very own office smack in the middle of the village. We’re soon to be stationed at 2 Fennell St., office No. 210.

We’d have a grand opening, but frankly, no more than five people can fit in the space.

Not that I’m complaining. The office is clean (new carpet!), the landlord is friendly and I’m going to save my company a ton of dough on gas mileage. (I think I can describe each turn, dip and pavement irregularity on the 7-mile Route 20 path from Skaneateles to Auburn better than anyone else.)

But most importantly, the office means convenience, particularly for readers of, and contributors to, the Journal. Instead of having to travel to Auburn to drop off a hard copy of a photo or other kind of submission, people can simply take a short drive – or even walk – to Fennell Street.

Instead of Skaneateles businesses coming to Auburn to discuss their future advertisements, they can make an appointment to meet with our ad representatives in office No. 210. We even have a nice little waiting area outside our door.

As for arranging interviews for news and feature articles, I’ll be able to do more in-person, face-to-face discussions, which I always think make for better stories than interviews over the phone.

And because I’m right in the heart of the village, I’m hoping that more people will stop by to share their opinions, provide news tips and otherwise give me feedback about the Journal. Like the office, the newspaper – just more than a year old – is still a work in progress.

Though I’m excited about spending time in the Newspaper Nook, as I’m affectionately calling the tiny space, please recognize that the nature of the business still requires that I be out of the office often, most likely to interview sources for stories and to proof the pages for that week’s edition, as the paper is still printed in Auburn. In my absence, we will soon be installing a mailbox to receive your submissions.

I’m very excited to be closer to you and look forward to putting more faces to names as we get things up and running over the next few weeks.

If you get a moment, stop by and say hi. But please, not too many people at once. I’ll get claustrophobic.

Linda Ober is editor of the Skaneateles Journal. She can be reached at 283-1615 or news@skaneatelesjournal.com.