Rebecca Barry author of “Later, at the Bar”

Rebecca Barry author of “Later, at the Bar”

Saturday, December 15th, 2007 at 1:00

Creekside Books & Coffee
35 Fennell Street
Skaneateles, NY 13152


Rebecca Barry author of Later, at the Bar
Barry’s debut is a Rust Belt Cheers. Set primarily in Lucy’s Tavern in rural New York State (think Richard Russo country), it features a cast of nearly incestuous regulars, and Barry’s linked short stories are funny. But her comedy isn’t broad, loud, or pushy.

No, Barry’s wit is cunning and covert, sneaking up on the reader through the thicket of sorrow her characters create as they botch one marriage after another, have damaged children, go broke, drink much too much, get in fights and accidents, and land in jail. And yet what romantics they are. Confiding, bantering, and quick-tempered, the denizens of Lucy’s are simultaneously in love and brokenhearted, guilty and wronged. The men are by turns brooding and reckless, including the once movie-star-handsome now rough-around-the-edges twin brothers Harlin and Cyrus. The women are valiant, especially Linda, an advice columnist who never ever tells the truth about love. Barry’s remarkably natural, charming, and wise novel-in-stories is perfect for fiction lovers whose reading time is tight.

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