Skaneateles Suites: We Don’t Negotiate Clean

Cleanliness is Next to Comfort

When you buy your lodging from Skaneateles Suites, you can count on one thing: We Don’t Negotiate “Clean”.

Whether staying in a Bungalow at the Skaneateles Suites, a hotel room in the Boutique Hotel, or one of our Extended Stay or Vacation Rental Properties, you know you will find your accommodations to be clean.

Curtis and I own the Skaneateles Suites. This Fall, we have been traveling throughout the United States. Everywhere we go, we have stayed in NON-CHAIN hotels, motels, inns, and–whenever possible–vacation rentals.

There is a great debate going on about VRBO’s (Vacation Rental By Owner) vs. Professionally Managed Properties (which is what we are). Having sampled properties all along the Eastern Seaboard, Gulf Coast and Middle America, we have seen a lot.

We have been surprised to find that each VRBO we stayed in was quite dirty. We cannot imagine renting a room, condo, or house, in such a state. Often, not wanting to wash my face in the toothpaste-encrusted sink that I found on arrival, I looked around for something to clean with. Ususally, I found only dirty rags and near-empty bottles of cleaning products. I never did find a mop that was not a silly toy, or a vacuum cleaner bag that was not full to the point of exploding.

In addition, the VRBO rentals we stayed in charged as much as the professionally managed properties. The Skaneateles Suites Dream Team is proud that the owners of the properties we manage understand that cleaning is a non-negotiable expense.

~~Toni Feldmann, Skaneateles Suites