skeaneateles lake, Skaneateles Lake, either way

skeaneateles lake, Skaneateles Lake, either way

An MSN seacher was looking for a Vacation Rental on SkEAneateles Lake lat night and found us, SkANeateles Suites. We welcome you, Mr. MSN Searcher. But be prepared, at population 5,000, you probably have that many living on your block.

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Cornell Cooperative Extention says: 

Residential development accounts for only 5-6% of the land use in the watershed. Many homes on the southern end of the lake hug the base of steep cliffs. skeaneateles lake, Skaneateles Lake, either way

Land use in the watershed is 48% agricultural, 40.2% forest, 5.4% private/residential and the rest vacant or commercial. Only a small portion (8%) of the watershed land area is in public ow\nership. Consequently, pollution prevention and watershed protection measures depend to a large extent on local land uses controls and pollution prevention strategies. Every citizen in the watershed plays a role in protecting Skaneateles Lake.

Over 95% of the farms in the watershed are doing their part to protect Skaneateles Lake by participating voluntarily in the Skaneateles Lake Watershed Agricultural Program.