Simply just for Finger Lakes Girls

Girls_night_outSimply just for the Girls  
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As a woman residing in the Finger Lakes area of upstate New York, a passionate lover of life and an adventuress at heart, I’ve come to the possibility unfortunately, of never living long enough to see and do all life has to offer …. but I’m sure going to have fun in the meantime!  Whether it was raising llamas while owning/operating a country B&B, traveling and living in Tennessee for 6 years, to working at the local Historical Society, I have the distinct pleasures and experiences of all of them. 

Working and dealing with the public for over 25 years, I’ve always had a genuine enthusiasm for discovering something unique and then passing it along so others may revel in that same feeling.  Learning about where or how to do something has always been a penchant with me … there is nothing like it.  

Simply Just For The Girls was created with that very reasoning and purpose in mind.  To awaken the passion and adventurer in others by reminding them what there is to see and do, resulting in the good ole fashioned form of FUN.  Women especially get so enmeshed in their daily, busy lives and either put off or forget how necessary and at times rewarding, down time and fun can be if they are to flourish and be fully present for others.  

Whether it’s awe-inspiring landscapes or understanding how history has shaped our nation, New York State and especially the Finger Lakes region, affords the adventurer in you, activities and places to visit from A-Z.  I sincerely appreciate you taking the time and energy to view my website, and hope I can become instrumental in helping you choose to visit and play in an area made especially for fun.  I am very proud and blessed to be living in a part of the country where there is so many wonderful things to do and exciting places to visit.   I look forward to sharing my area and various parts of New York State with you.