Centers for Nature Education is headquartered at Baltimore Woods


The Centers for Nature Education, Inc. was originally formed as Onondaga Nature Centers in 1966.

 Onondaga Nature Centers was instrumental in developing the Beaver Lake Nature Center, which is now an Onondaga County Park, and the Cayuga Nature Center in Ithaca, which was turned over to another private organization in 1982.

Our name was changed to Centers for Nature Education after we turned the Beaver Lake Nature Center over to Onondaga County for management.

Centers for Nature Education, Inc.

PO Box 133
4007 Bishop Hill Road
Marcellus, NY 13108

Call us!    (315) 673-1350 Please put “Baltimore Woods” in the subject line: Patty Weisse

Currently, CNE manages the Baltimore Woods Environmental Education Center on Bishop Hill road in Marcellus. We have two full-time staff members, an army of volunteers, and numerous part-time staff.

 John Weeks, our former executive director, still has an office at CNE and serves as an environmental consultant and artist.

 Baltimore Woods is the first of over 37 natural areas that Save the County has acquired since 1972. Over 2000 acres of Save the County properties preserve the geological variety and subtle beauty of Central New York. For further information on Save the County, call 457-7837.

Baltimore Woods is a mature hardwood forest interspersed with hemlock.

“Centers” for Nature Education? Why the plural?
“Why is it called “Baltimore Woods”?
“Who is “John A. Weeks” and why is the new building named after him?”
“What’s a “Naturescape?”

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