Dining Skaneateles Giverny, Mirbeau

Dining Skaneateles Giverny, Mirbeau 

Giverny, Mirbeau’s Award Winning Restaurant, takes its inspiration from Claude Monet’s French Country home with beamed ceilings and Provencal style table settings. The Dining room opens to a scenic view of beautiful gardens, tiered ponds and a replica of the bridge at Giverny. Chef Edward Moro’s impressionistic culinary style relies on the balancing and layers of flavors.

From his first gift to the last bite of fresh baked Madelines, Chef Moro takes you on a unique multi-course dining experience in which he selects the freshest and the most flavorful ingredients from our local harvest and from around the world. These ingredients are expertly prepared with respect to classical French cooking techniques and a lighter, modern approach to the culinary arts.

Giverny’s award winning wine list features the finest selections from around the world including vintages from the surrounding Finger Lakes region.

For reservations call (315) 685-1927.

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