A Night of Syracuse, NY Comedy – RC Smith & Joe Bublewicz

Continues through  6/22/2008
Event:     A Night of Comedy – RC Smith & Joe Bublewicz
Location:  Wise Guys, 426 N. Franklin St., Syracuse
For More Info:  315-477-9898     Website:  www.wiseguyssyracuse.com

Edgy and spontaneous is what you get with RC SMITH.  Most people think that if they sit up front at a comedy show they will get picked on… Not true.  It doesn’t matter where you sit, RC SMITH will find you and engage you in banter and humor.  RC is the audience warm up for the new RACHAEL RAY show.

Joining RC SMITH this week is JOE BUBLEWICZ from New Jersey.  Joe is a veteran of the comedy circuit and can be heard on XM satellite radio.  JOE’s stand-up performance is made from only the finest ingredients humor can buy.  His material consists of well crafted set-ups, spontaneous observations and well timed segues.

Complete your evening with dinner before or after the show in our restaurant.  Please call for reservations.
06/18/2008, 06/19/2008, 06/20/2008, 06/21/2008, 06/22/2008

Wise Guys
426 N. Franklin St.
Syracuse, NY 13204

see website – or call for details

$12/$14 – registration required


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