Mary Humphrey author of Kids’ Yoga Book of Feelings


Creekside Books & Coffee Presents:
Mary Humphrey author of Kids’ Yoga Book of Feelings
Thursday August 14, 2008 at 7 PM
[Skaneateles, NY]  Creekside Books & Coffee, an independent bookstore and coffeehouse in Skaneateles, presents Mary Humphrey author of Kids’ Yoga Book of Feelings on Thursday August 14, 2008 at 7PM.  Admission: $20.00 includes your own book, along with instructional workout.
“It’s motivating that adults recognize young children have issues that bring on stress,” says Erika Davis, owner of Creekside Books and Coffee.  “This book is one in a  set of tools that allows the child to de-stress through a fun creative outlet called “yoga.”  It also empowers, which is doubly wonderful. Don’t be surprised to find older siblings joining in and helping out!”

MARY HUMPHREY, a school librarian and yoga teacher, has taught children for more than thirty years. Introducing yoga to teachers, she has enabled others to bring the art of yoga and other mind/body techniques into the classroom. She is the author of Living the Hero’s Quest: Character Building through Action Research and a presenter at national conferences dedicated to children’s development and learning. She lives with her husband, daughters, and two cats in Skaneateles, New York.

Yoga is an art that emphasizes a calm, happy state of being. Yoga helps to harmonize your feelings to achieve a more balanced way of living. Each of the poses described has an animal or familiar object linked to the feeling it expresses. In addition, there’s an affirmation about the feeling being released. For example, as you assume the pose of the polar bear, you say, “I feel balanced and grounded,” just as a polar bear stands firmly on a patch of ice. Come celebrate yoga with the kids in this book as they demonstrate twenty poses from the Butterfly to the Opossum.
Target age 6-13 yr.

PRAISE FOR Kids’ Yoga Book of Feelings
Reader’s Reviews from Build-A-Bear Website: Paw Ranking: 4

I always stretch, stretch, stretch when I wake up in the morning. The exercises in this book are like that, but a lot more fun! Pose like a lion and let out a roar, then curl up like a puppy and rest. It’s great fun and good exercise! Bearemy, age 9

This book is great. I never thought exercise could be so much fun! – Tara, age 15

This book is good for kids because you can get your head clear – Cassandra, age 14
Creekside Books & Coffee is located at 35 Fennell Street in Skaneateles.  The bookstore is the only retail store in the village selling new hardcover and paperback books as well as toys, gifts, greeting cards and other merchandise. The coffeehouse features the freshest roasted coffee in town, a light fare menu and a pleasant atmosphere to relax and enjoy.