Cold Springs Studio Pottery, Trumansburg, NY


Cold Springs Studio Pottery
Gorgeous hand-made pottery for the home and garden in bright festive colors!
4088 Cold Springs Rd.  Trumansburg, NY 14886-9175
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Artists’ Statement

Cold Springs Studio began in earnest in 2002 as a family-run pottery. Inspiration comes from our garden, our travels, the seasons, our grandmother’s kitchens, our students, and our school-aged daughter. We love the simplicity of Japanese forms and boldness of early 20th-century American colors.  It makes sense to try to combine the best aspects of both and see what happens.

People often associate handmade pots with earthtones and rough, “natural” textures. Smooth, solid, bright colors have long been associated with machine-made ware, and even plastic! We wanted to challenge ourselves and that paradigm by developing very vibrant colors and mating them to fun – yet very functional – handmade forms. Our hope is that these pots will add some zing to the dinner table every day. All of our pots use leadfree glazes and are safe for use in the microwave and dishwasher.