Jordan, New York Fall Festival

Jordan Fall Festival

Starts:  9/19/2008  Ends: 9/21/2008
Event:     Jordan Fall Festival
Location:  Beaver Street, Beaver Street, Jordan
For More Info:  315-689-9423      Website:

As of 2007, the Jordan zip code (13080) population 3,573 people.  Since 2000, it has had a population growth of 1.47 percent. 

123 people per square mile (population density).  The median age is 34 (US medium 37.6).

Compared to the rest of the country Jordan (zip code) cost of living is 14.73% lower than the US average.

Average household size 2.58 people.
Education in Jordan, NY (zip code)

Pupil/Teacher rate Jordan (zip code) 14. US 15.9  
Students per counselor Jordan  498 US  546  

Jordan (zip code) public schools spend $6,994. per student.  The average school expenditure in the US is $6,058. per student.

 Additional information about Jordan, NY (zip code)

Religion 51.71% are religious (meaning they affiliate with a religion)  
Air quality 26 on a scale of 100 (higher is better)  
Water quality 65 on a scale of 100 (higher is better)  
Median home value $149,500. (US $217,200.)  
Median age of real estate   40 years (US 27 years)  
Renters make up  16.9% of the population    
Vacancy rate (unoccupied) 15.43% (houses & apartments) (US 14.48%)  
Property tax rate per $1,000. $29.48 (US 13.28)  


 Climate in Jordan, NY (zip code)

Inches of rain per year (average) 41 (US 37)
Inches of snow per year (average) 86 (US 25)
Sunny days per year 161  
Comfort index 55 (US 44-higher is better)