Dreams of Promise and Peril: Projects from the JGS Collection

JGS CollectionExhibit: Dreams of Promise and Peril: Projects from the JGS Collection

Continuing Thru 10/25/2008
Location:  The Warehouse Gallery, 350 W. Fayette St., Ground Floor, Syracuse
For More Info:  315-443-6450      Website:  www.thewarehousegallery.org

The role that artists play as cultural barometers always seems to be heightened in times of change and uncertainty. Although they employ different approaches, from timely reportage to futuristic illusions, all of the artists in the exhibition explore the terrain where hopes and dreams collide. By making visible the complex emotions we all sometimes experience the artists in this exhibition ask us to deeply consider the promise and peril that exists both in the fantasies we create and the realities we deny.

All of the work in this exhibition was borrowed from the JGS, Inc. collection, a non-profit photography organization based in New York City. JGS and Syracuse University have entered into an agreement to collaborate on traveling exhibitions, research, publications, and other projects utilizing work from the JGS collection that includes over 8,000 photographs spanning the history of the medium. This exhibition is an example of that collaboration and at the conclusion of the exhibition SUArt Galleries will create traveling solo exhibitions by each of the four artists.