Fall Festival Days Abbott Farms


Fall Festival Days Abbott Farms
Continuing Thru 10/26/2008
Location:  Abbott Farms, 3275 Cold Springs Rd, Baldwinsville
For More Info:  315-638-7783      Website:  www.AbbottFarms.com

Who We Are

Warren Abbott, CEO, CFO, and all-around techhead, leads the farm. He graduated from Purdue University in 1987 with a BS in Agricultural Economics burning a hole in his pocket. He always said he went to school for three people (himself, his dad and mom) because they all valued continuing education and new ventures. Warren’s vision was for a profitable grain crop farm joined with a fall U-picking operation that would engage the residential population in Greater Baldwinsville. Over time, his vision for the farm has evolved into a full-season U-pick and entertainment destination for Central New Yorkers. 
 Kane Lloyd manages all our crop production on the farm, from berry crops to apples and pumpkins to Christmas trees. He’s been farming since he was thirteen, and he worked at dairy and vegetable farms before coming to Abbotts’ in 1988. He has extensive experience in grain farming, growing potatoes and sweet corn, and welding. He has a strong commitment to quality crops grown in cost-effective, sustainable ways. The big surprise for us was to find out how good he is with people and marketing ideas!
 Stephane Boutin is a French Canadian lovingly loaned to us Central New Yorkers. He has a degree in Linguistics, but his real love is working with people. He worked in the food service industry for 14 years as a kitchen manager and once owned his own restaurant. We whisked him away from 72-hour weeks in a restaurant to work on our farm! Hopefully his job as manager of our country store doesn’t keep him quite so late. But he brings expertise to Abbott Farms in organizing all our seasonal labor, overseeing our food enterprises, and running a top-notch farm store.
 Karen Abbott is our Advertising and Promotions Manager. She has a BA in English with work experience in newspapers and ad creation. None of us knew that a liberal arts degree could be useful on a farm! She’s having fun introducing the farm to our urban neighbors and widening our rich network of relationships.
 Windsor Abbott is the fourth generation of Abbotts to farm here. He spearheaded the change from dairy production to crops in 1964. He was the innovative purchaser of welders, front-end loaders, red equipment, and strategic land. He still works 60-hour weeks running equipment, fine-tuning systems, and contributing expertise to projects and decisions.
 Nancy Abbott hand-picked Windsor for her husband — in the third grade! He stole the erasers off her pencils; she smiled; and the rest is history. She graduated from Cornell with a Home Economics degree in 1956. She taught school locally for a few years, then opened a roadside stand to sell Abbott apples and potatoes. She started the first school tours on the farm and continues in them to this day. She is our master gardener and groundskeeping designer. And expert cook, and babysitter, and apple-grader, and proofreader, and cheerleader, etc etc etc.
 Karen Masella has headed up our School Tour program for the last several years. She’s worked in the public schools for years as a teacher, parent volunteer, and PTA president. She’s got an unwavering vision for educational school tours that teach children at their own level in hands-on, exciting ways.
 Ellen Yeomans is a published author who also teaches writing courses at Onondaga Community College in Syracuse. Her secret love is taking care of our farm animals, though. She’s been loving on our petting farm gang since 1996, shearing sheep, grooming calves, and sharing her love of animals with schoolchildren on tour. Ellen is the incredible mom behind Paige’s Butterfly Run, Inc., a non-profit corporation that raises money for the battle against pediatric cancer and funds a scholarship at Baker High School in Paige’s name. Check out the full story at this website, http://www.paigesbutterflyrun.org/theevent.html.
 Carrie Connolly is the newest member of our team. A devoted mother of three children, she loves camping and watching the kids play sports. Her experience in the banking world is a big help in our farm office. In between working on spreadsheets, she dreams of cruising in the Caribbean.
 Randy Eckert is our unofficial Abbott Farms Builder.  He has created everything from decorative store displays to custom farm machinery.  He’s moved walls, windows, and everything in between to meet the changing needs of our business.  If only he weren’t such a Chevy guy. . . .