Orange Line Gallery new show “In Fine Fettle”


(Syracuse, NY) –  Join the Orange Line Gallery for the opening of their new show, “In Fine Fettle”, on Thursday October 16, 2008 at the new OL gallery. This event is open to the public and several artists will be in attendance to talk about their work. The show will open at 5pm and close at 10pm; refreshments will be served. This event is part of our city-wide Th3 community art open.

“In Fine Fettle” (fettle, noun; Webster’s) refers to a state of condition of fitness or order, state of mind. The themes discussed in this show vary widely: government and environmental issues, dreams of becoming a rock star, appreciation of the natural beauty around us. The pieces go from moody to serious contemplation to plain fun.

New to the OL are artists Brandon Hall- mixed media / collage and Chris Luchsinger- acrylic & spraypaint on canvas. New works relevant to the theme include pieces from the ongoing collection of Orange Line artists:  David McKenney, Debra Parry Trichilo, Dustin Angell, Father Andrew Szebenyi, Jace Collins, Kevin Lucas, Meg Gentile, Melissa Tiffany, Mick Mather and Spencer Baker.

“I’m really excited about this body of work”, states gallery owner Melissa Tiffany. “Brandon’s mixed media pieces are very interesting to look at, I find myself up close looking at all the little details, then stepping back to take the whole story in. And when looking at Chris’s canvas, because it’s so large, it really takes some time to study to see everything that’s going on in there. I’m pleased to have the opportunity to show their work.”

Orange Line Gallery is open Thursday & Friday from 5pm – 10pm and Saturday noon – 6pm, and by appointment. For more information call or email Melissa at (315) 263-5780 or


(315) 263-5780

305 Montgomery Street Syracuse, NY  13202