Sharing Medicine of Love in Skaneateles, NY


I want to keep you up to date on Jill’s new book Sharing the Medicine of Love. It was released in November. Everyone who has read it has loved it. I’ve been told it is the perfect Holiday gift and will be especially appreciated by women.

I’ve included a book critic’s comments, press release and the web address: if you would like to order a copy.

Please send this e-mail to everyone on your e-mail list so the entire world may become a happier place. More love and caring will be the order of the day.

Have a beautiful, love filled Christmas season.

Ed Little

Sharing the Medicine of Love presents original ceremonies and daily practices of expressing love to children, family and friends. Based on Native American ritual, the ceremonies begin with ‘Moontime’ for young pubescent girls; others give solace to the grieving and depressed; the types of ceremonies are limitless. In addition, techniques are discussed to encourage easy dialogue in our daily lives, leading to open communication where there may have been none.

Everyone will want to read the intimate portrayals of caring and compassion in these loving ceremonies. Families can adapt these practices to honor their loved ones and create new traditions. Adults, parents and grandparents are given a common sense approach to emotionally bond with children and other adults. Starting at any age, there is no child or adult that will not welcome or willingly participate in building an authentic relationship in their life. Readers will embrace the potential for personal life changing happiness.

As a society, we seem to increasingly ignore essential elements in our personal relationships, like how to compliment and show respect to one another, how to truly listen to the people in our lives. Above all we have forgotten how to demonstrate, in some meaningful way, the love we have for each other. At one time we knew that loving was the most important expression of our being; we knew when to offer words of admiration, encouragement and gestures of affection. This book asks you to awaken old traditions and renew these practices. It also asks you to embrace new traditions within your families to enhance the bonds of love in our lives.

A spirit lives within each one of us. This spirit is the watcher of our lives. Holy and divine; this spirit guides us from within as we write and create the book of our lives. The degree of attention that we give our spirit and the power that we allow our spirit to have, has a huge impact on us. This concept is not new. We have known this since the first time we had an internal conversation with ‘ourself.’ My mother called it our conscience: Eckhart Tolle simply calls it ‘self.’ Over the years I have come to realize that it doesn’t need a name, but I call it my spirit.

This spirit observer aids us in making decisions. The decisions sometimes are tough to make, as we listen to our spirit plead the case for ‘doing the right thing’. And, yes, we know what the right thing is. We know that there is a choice we can make that is loving, truthful, and respectful of God’s creations. We can ignore the ‘right thing’ and choose otherwise; the choice always is ours to make. The credit or blame that results from our decisions is ours alone. Our decisions ultimately contribute to the formation of our character, our integrity and our value system.

Val and I are neither doctors, nor psychologists; yet our friendship has given birth to new ways of touching the lives of those we love. From different points of reference and diverse backgrounds, we arrived on the same journey. Val is the dreamer and storyteller and I am the nurturer and educator. We met on that path that Robert Frost has said “made all the difference.”

In Sharing the Medicine of Love, we offer you new ways to enrich the celebrations of love in your life. We suggest new traditions that you can replicate with your families and friends. If you choose to recreate these celebrations, we believe it will benefit all who participate in your life.Those in your circle of love will have a richer understanding of how much their life means to you, to all those they meet, and to themselves.

We invite you to join our circle of infinite love, hope, and harmony. We will introduce unique ideas and suggest ways to help spread soul-nourishing love with those who enter your world. The ‘sharing ceremonies’ we have initiated were born in the ancient traditions of Val’s dreams and Native American heritage. They are simple, thoughtful, and inspired.

“Sharing the Medicine of Love” is offered as a guidepost for those who seek to share our path of spiritual awakening, acknowledging the importance of each and every being present in this world. Our wish is to create a river of love that flows endlessly from our hearts and yours-one with endless possibilities for humankind.