Spectrum: A Tribute to Motown and R&B

Special Event:
Spectrum: A Tribute to Motown and R&B

Rei Hotoda, conductor
Spectrum, vocal quartet

SPECTRUM draws upon the talent of four radiant voices and diverse personalities to form a first-class vocal quartet covering the music of the Four Tops and the Platters, the Temptations, Boyz 2 Men and other well-known groups with angelic harmonies and deft choreography.

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After spending six stellar years recreating the sound and style of the Four Tops in Las Vegas’ multi-million dollar production shows American Superstars and Legends In Concert, Spectrum has developed the versatility to credibly cover the music of groups from the Platters to the Temptations to Boyz2Men. It is this versatility that has propelled them to status of Headlining their own shows, in which they perform stirring renditions of the all the best cover tunes. Performing for over 1.5 million people for over the past decade in six countries, Spectrum appeals to a diverse cross section of ages and musical tastes!

The group boasts four incredible singers, each with the voice of a solo artist, who combine their voices and dexterity to create the angelic harmonies and deft choreography that have become trademarks of Spectrum. The members of Spectrum consist of silky smooth recording artist Darryl Grant of Oakland, California, Chicago-born musician and versatile entertainer Pierre Jovan, David Prescott the soaring-voiced first tenor from Rochester, New York and lastly, singer, actor and group founder Cushney Roberts, who left the life of a Princeton-educated corporate engineer, cut his teeth in the casino lounges in route to becoming a well-respected Las Vegas showroom entertainer. Let’s just say this is a group of well-mannered, college-educated, world-traveled veterans of the entertainment business, who will entertain you!

Their symphony program contains the hits of Motown and R&B enhanced by eighteen full orchestrations, four brillant voices, angelic harmonies, snazzy costuming, and exciting choreography. This show provides an exhilarating evening of the music that defined a generation