Orange Line Gallery “The Art of Urbanism: City Life in America & Abroad”

(Syracuse, NY) –  Orange Line Gallery would like to announce the opening of their new show, “The Art of Urbanism: City Life in America & Abroad”, on Thursday April 16, 2009. The show kicks off with another OLG Sight and Sound Experiment as part of Th3 from 5 – 10pm. The event is free & open to the public. Complimentary snacks & tasty beverages shall be provided. The show runs through May 16, 2009.

The basis of this show will be a unique demonstration of city arts & culture. A showing of true urbanism & creativity that lies within the youth of this concrete civilization, where street performances, music, dancing, graffiti, art & spoken word have evolved from simple basic ideas into the most complex & deep meaningful outputs of artistic expression.

“The Art of Urbanism: City Life in America & Abroad” at the Orange Line Gallery shall feature new artists as well as past favorites:
John Deere- acrylic & spraypaint on canvas Marc Pitterelli- photography Ramona Persaud- photography Tina Dadabo- colored pencil & marker on paper Amber Blanding- glass Brandon Hall- mixed media David McKenney- acrylic on canvas Debra Parry Trichilo- photography Edward Colelli- photography on silk Jace Collins- mixed media Jim Reed- acrylic & spraypaint on canvas Melissa Tiffany- collage Mick Mather- digitally manipulated photography

The entertainment of the evening shall be like no other as three live DJ’s- Isis, Fresh Kid Finesse (both of Up Rock Crew) & Sik60Six will spin a variety of Drum-N-Bass, Breaks & Old School Grooves. Breakdancers from the Up Rock Crew shall tear up the floor as Live Grafitti Art is created in the backdrop of the show. Freestyle MC’s Flaca & One Love shall rock the mic & battle it out.

Art is real no matter what type of medium that it is created in. Art is in the eye of the beholder. Art is ever present. Art is never blind. Even in a black-and-white world, art shows a million colors..& this Third Thursday shall live in the memories of all that attend eternally.

Orange Line Gallery is regularly open Thursday & Friday from 5:30pm – 10pm, Saturday noon – 6pm & by appointment. For more information call or email Melissa at (315) 263-5780 or

305 Montgomery Street Syracuse, NY  13202
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Melissa Tiffany (315) 263-5780 or