A Concert with SNATAM KAUR

A Concert with SNATAM KAUR May 12th  2009  A Concert with SNATAM KAUR 7:30pm 

Snatam Kaur has been singing and playing music all of her 28 years. As a young girl in California, she learned to sing with her mother in the Sikh musical style. As she has grown, her musical scope has expanded, and she now includes many traditions and many instruments in her exploration of sound. Snatam Kaur Khalsa is an emerging and celebrated spiritual music ambassador. 

Snatam, a Sanskrit word, meaning universal, nucleus, and friend to all; Kaur, a Punjabi word and a faith-mandated surname for all Sikh women, means a princess and lioness; and Khalsa, a Sikh term that defines the Order of the Pure;  Snatam truly embodies a rare composite of those qualities through her devotional music and her radiant persona. Her music is another bridge between the traditions and cultures of East and West.  Snatam Kaur brilliantly interfaces Gurbani Kirtan, the Sikh style of religious music, the western classical, and popular styles in her music and concerts. 

Snatam is popularizing her own unique style, rhythms, musical arrangements, and is introducing the Sikh sacred music to global audiences.  Her music transcends traditional musical familiarities and frontiers, reaches deep into our soul where Gurmukhi, the language of Sikh scriptures, offers no formidable threshold that our spirit cannot cross or joyfully embrace. Snatam Kaur is many attributes in one.  She is an accomplished music soloist, songstress and poet; Kundalini Yoga master, spiritual healer; teacher, and cultural commentator. 

Her music seamlessly combines many musical, cultural, and spiritual textures: of a Sikh Ragi (a musician well versed in Indian musical patterns known as Ragas); sacred Sanskrit, Buddhist, American Indian chants; Celtic song and music tradition, use of western orchestra, folk genre, cathedral choir, and many other musical influences.
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