Psychic Reading with Cindy Griffith

Psychic Reading with Cindy GriffithPsychic, Intuitive and Spiritual Counselor

Psychic Reading with Cindy Griffith
Readings can include: Psychic Tarot Cards, Tarot Numerology, Spirit Guide Readings and Energetic Evaluations.

“When someone asks me what kind of psychic work I do, or how I am different from other psychic readers, I say that I do more than supply psychic insights into your future. I help you remove your blockages by intuitively focusing on your strengths, allowing you to move forward and achieve what you want in life.

 I do this by utilizing my own psychic abilities as well using my intuitive connection to spirit, so that you receive the psychic information that is most appropriate for your growth at that moment. Whether you receive visual exercises, psychic insights or healing, we work together as a team to unite your body, mind and spirit.”

Cindy offers her readings at her office in Skaneteatels or over the phone.  To schedule an appointment or for more information, call Cindy at 315-685-8395, email at or visit her website at