Tim’s Pumpkin Patch in Marcellus

Tim’s Pumpkin Patch in Marcellus

For a great fall day experience, head over to Tim’s Pumpkin Patch on Rose Hill Road in Marcellus. They have opened a new Gift Shop and Bakery along with an educational space to their pumpkin patch that has attracted countless local families, tourists and school tours.

Tim’s Pumpkin Patch has a great history behind it. Tim Leubner has been a dairy farmer his whole life. He started his pumpkin business on the side when he was just 15 years old.  He began by growing roughly 200 pumpkins and taking his father’s advice; selling each for only $1.  He was very successful and his business began to grow by word of mouth, making his “on the side” pumpkin business something the community looked forward to each fall.

The Leubners were awarded an Agri-Tourism and Education New York State Grant and as a result have been able to open a new building that they are using as a gift shop, bakery and educational space.

Erica Leubner said “The grant paid for about 25 percent of our new building, making it a great spring board for us.”

The Gift Shop and Bakery offers soaps, candles and other gifts, along with homemade cookies, donuts, muffins, pies, brownies, breads, fudge, hot dogs, popcorn, coffee and more, all made fresh daily. The educational space in the new building allows visitors to learn about how pumpkins are grown and all of the work that goes into the pumpkin patch.
The Leubners pride themselves on making their pumpkin patch family friendly.  At no cost, families can visit the farm animals in the barn, see the new goat walk and chicken space, play in the grain bin, and work their way through the straw maze. Tim’s offers over 73 varieties of pumpkins and winter squash. Visitors can also purchase Indian corn, straw bales, corn stalks and other decorative items.

Erica said, “Tim’s has become more of a festival-like atmosphere, especially on the weekends.”

On the weekends, visitors can enjoy additional food, such as pumpkin funnel cakes and caramel apple blossoms, and go on horse-drawn wagon rides through the pumpkin patch.

“We’ve always fought off the idea of being commercial,” Erica said, “we have no admission charges, no parking fees.  Nothing is staged.  We are a real working farm.  Most people are so far removed from farm life these days.  We want to bring that connection back to the community.”

Tim’s Pumpkin Patch opened on Labor Day and will close on Halloween. They are open daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and are located on the web at www.timspumpkinpatch.com.

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