Bob Lawson mind games Auburn Fingerlakes, NY


Thursday, September 10th, 2009 @ 7:30pm

BOB LAWSON – Mentalist

A benefit for The Cayuga County Arts Council

Bob Lawson has many years of experience as a professional performer. Bob thrilled his audience with his quick wit and fun show. I had such a good time watching him take his audience on a wild trip into his world of ESP. Thoroughly enjoyable!” Bob Lawson’s Mental Mystery Tour is the show that makes the Audience the star. An amazing blend of mind reading and mental
effects blended with lots of comedy. This is the show that will be talked about for weeks and remembered for years. Academy Award winning actress Joan Fontaine said, ” This was one of the most fun shows I have seen in a very long time”. Bob Lawson’s Mind Games show, it may be the only show of its kind on this or any other world. This show is an audience participation Mind Reading show that entertains and amazes. When audiences are not holding their sides from laughing at Bob’s unique brand of humor, they are holding their heads and wondering how Bob accomplishes these incredible mental feats.

Auburn Public Theater
108 Genesee Street
Auburn, New York 13021
(315) 253-6669

General Information

Artistic Producing Director: Angela Daddabbo

Managing Director: Carey Eidel

Acting Classes, Volunteer Co-ordinator , House Manager – Janie MicGlire

Construction/Physical Space: Brian Anderson

Art Galley Curator: Diane Bauso

Theater Rental: Carey Eidel