Unforgettable evening of Sitar with Maestro Irshad Khan

Irshad KhanSaturday, September 12th, 2009 @ 8:00pm


Not to be missed – an unforgettable evening of Sitar with Maestro Irshad Khan

“The Mozart of Indian Music”

A Sitar performance of Indian traditional, classical and fusion music

Ravi Singh: Tabla
Sriram Bakshi: Tanpura
Don Dinino: Guitar
Bill Tiberio – Saxophone
Irshad Khan is considered among the world’s best Sitar players and the leading Surbahar (BassSitar) player of his generation and among the finest instrumentalists of the world. His individual stamp in both these instruments ascends from the distinctiveness of his technique and mental prowess. is renowned not only for his mastery of these two instruments, but for his unique presentation of the different genres of Indian classical music, and his mastery of the intricate ?gayaki-ang?(vocal) and ?tantra-ang?(instrumental) styles, makes Irshad Khan one of the most dynamic musicians of today. His style is followed and inspired by many formative and professional sitar players of his generation. His dedication to the subtleties of the raga is in bringing out its essence in rendering its pure form of feelings and expressions from meditative to playful, serene to heroic, devotional to romantic. Being recognized as a child prodigy, today he has emerged to be among the most sought after and versatile Indian musicians of India. Has achieved unparalleled mastery over sitar-surbahar technique and in different genres of Indian music such as Dhrupad, Khyal, Tappa, and Thumree. With uncompromising dedication in training both vocally and instrumentally, gained proficiency in classical vocal, hence achieved phenomenal control in combining the intricacies of gaiki-ang”(vocal) with the “tantra-ang” (instrumental) styles, which has made Irshad Khan one of the worlds most dynamic musicians of today. Whether he is performing pure classical, folk, or worldbeat/newage, audiences are stunned by his breathtaking virtuosity and profound musicality. This remarkable versatility allows him to transcend cultural barriers and turn each performance into a spellbinding and unforgettable experience for audiences everywhere. Through his performances and international press accolades and groundbreaking albums, he has proved to be an outstanding World musician
To learn more and to hear music samples, please visit: www.irshadkhan.net

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General Information

Artistic Producing Director: Angela Daddabbo

Managing Director: Carey Eidel

Acting Classes, Volunteer Co-ordinator , House Manager – Janie MicGlire

Construction/Physical Space: Brian Anderson

Art Galley Curator: Diane Bauso

Theater Rental: Carey Eidel