Skaneateles Finger Lakes New York leaf season

Skaneateles Finger Lakes New York leaf season

Skaneateles Finger Lakes New York leaf season

Near-Peak Foliage Expected in Adirondacks This Weekend; Colors Also Coming on Strong in The Catskills taken from

Week of Sept. 23-29, 2009

Brilliant, near-peak foliage will make its first appearance in New York State this weekend in parts of the Adirondacks, while rapidly changing colors in the Catskills will bring most of the region to around the midpoint of change, according to I LOVE NEW YORK field observers.

Near-peak foliage is expected this weekend in the Tupper Lake and Mt. Arab areas of Franklin County. Color transition is projected to be about 85 percent with brilliant shades of orange, red and yellow quickly overtaking the fading green. Herkimer County foliage spotters based in Old Forge are also calling for near-peak leaves, with between 70-90 percent color change. The quickly changing leaves, of average brilliance, are burgundy, with splashes of red and orange. Just south of Old Forge the change is even more dramatic. Warren County foliage reporters based in North Creek and Blue Mountain Lake are projecting an average of 65 percent color change, with midpoint-to-near peak foliage of orange, red and yellow.

Foliage will be at midpoint of change in the Whiteface Mountain area of Essex County. Expect approximately 50 percent color transition with deep red, purple and gold leaves of average brilliance. In the southern portion of Hamilton County, 30 percent color change is projected for the Indian Lake area, with isolated pockets of brilliant red leaves, accented by touches of yellow and orange. Foliage spotters in the Lake Placid area of Essex County predict 25-35 percent change with average-to-brilliant areas red and yellow leaves. Further to the east in the county, Lake Champlain area spotters expect just around 10-15 percent color change with occasional areas of orange, muted reds, and yellows.

Foliage change also continues to come on strong in the Catskills, where most areas will see midpoint conditions this weekend and some pockets of near-peak foliage. In Sullivan County, look for an average 60 percent color change with average-to-bright shades of amber, gold, scarlet and burnished red leaves interspersed with the fading greens. Ulster County foliage spotters based near Saugerties are calling for 50-60 percent color change marked by bright yellow and orange leaves, accented by touches of red. In Kingston, expect about 55 percent color transition highlighted by shades of bright yellow and orange with some red twinges and deep burgundy beginning to show. Fall colors are rapidly emerging at Belleayre Mountain in Highmount, where 40 percent color change is projected for the weekend, with shades of bright red predominating. Delaware County projects 35 percent transition, with bright shades of red and yellow rapidly overtaking the summer green. Greene County is still in the early stages of color change; look for around 15 percent transition by the weekend, with bright shades of red, orange and yellow emerging.

Color change in most of the Central Leatherstocking region is still in the early stages; however it’s expected to be around midpoint of transition this weekend in the Binghamton area of Broome County. Look for 35 percent color change, with bright fall colors of red, orange and yellow. In Schoharie County, color change should be around 20 percent with red, orange and rust highlights.

Thousand Islands-Seaway foliage spotters in St. Lawrence County project 20 percent color change in the northern section of the county, 35 percent in the southern section. Look for average-to-bright yellow, orange, red, and burgundy leaves. In Oswego County, in the northern areas of the county such as Pulaski, Sandy Creek, and Altmar, a warm palette of yellows and oranges of average brilliance are emerging, while blazing reds and bright greens still dominate the county’s color scheme. Color change in these areas is expected to be around 25-30 percent, while in the southern areas such as Oswego and Fulton you can expect to see a 15 percent color change. In Jefferson County, Alexandria Bay leaf peepers expect 25 percent change, with orange and red leaves of average brilliance. 

Chautauqua-Allegheny region color change is expected to range from 25 to 15 percent this weekend. In Chautauqua County, expect 25 percent transition with bright green, orange and yellow leaves. Allegany State Park observers project 20 percent change with touches of red, yellow and orange leaves rapidly emerging in most locations. In Allegany County, Belmont foliage spotters expect 20 percent color change by weekend, with orange, red, yellow, and some purple leaves of average brilliance. Little Valley, in Cattaraugus County, expects to see about 15 percent color change, with shades of green still dominating over touches of red, orange and yellow.

Foliage change is still in the early stages in the Capital-Saratoga region, where Schenectady County is expecting around 25 percent change for the weekend, with bright yellow leaves emerging, followed by splashes of red and orange, and some purple. Out around Thatcher Park in Voorheesville, look for 20 percent change with bright yellows, oranges and touches of red. In Saratoga County, the Saratoga Springs area will also see around 20 percent change; it’s still green in most places, but increasing pockets of red, yellow and orange leaves are emerging.
Foliage change in Rensselaer County will range from 10 to 20 percent, with more color showing in the eastern and northern portions of the county and in the higher elevations. Autumn colors include bright patches of red and light yellow. 

Finger Lakes foliage change is still mostly in the very early stages; however some areas are seeing increasing fall color, including Livingston County, where 25 percent of the leaves are expected to be changed by the weekend. Look for bright orange and red highlights. In Chemung County 15-20 percent of the leaves are expected to be changed by weekend. Most leaves here are of average brilliance, although small clusters of bright fall-colored trees, approaching  mid-point, can be found along some roads. Predominating colors are orange, yellow, red and purple appearing. Onondaga County is also calling for 15-20 percent color change, with touches of reds and yellows of above average brilliance emerging. Up to 15 percent color change can be expected for Ontario and Seneca counties. Look for orange, yellow and red highlights.
Greater Niagara region foliage spotters in the Buffalo area of Erie County expect 15-20 percent color change by the weekend, with predominating fall colors of rich scarlet and a bright golden-yellow. In Lewiston, Niagara County leaf peepers are predicting 15 percent color change, with bright shades of yellow, orange and red leaves overtaking the still dominant green landscape. In the Hudson Valley, color change is expected to be around 25 percent this weekend around the southern Ulster County area of Highland. Look for emerging shades of yellow leaves. Columbia County should see about 20 percent change, with hints of yellow and deep red beginning to show.

Other areas of the state report 10 percent or less color change.
New York State’s Advantage

Why do people from all over the world head to the spectacular New York State foliage display? Unlike the rest of the country, the northeast is particularly blessed with a great variety of broad-leaved trees, which help give the region’s foliage a spectacular color range. New York State has almost as many acres of such trees as the rest of the Northeast combined.

The change in color from the bright greens of summer to the brilliant hues of fall follows a predictable pattern across the state. It begins high in the Adirondack and Catskill mountains in early September, and spreads out and down across the hills and valleys of the state, ending on Long Island and in New York City in late October to early November. It takes about two weeks for the colors to complete their cycles in any given area, with peak brilliance lasting three to four days in any one spot.

What are Leaf Peepers?

Each week during fall, I LOVE NEW YORK issues reports detailing the progression of colorful fall foliage across New York based upon information filed by the State’s officially designated “Leaf Peepers.”

These fall foliage spotters are instructed on how to rate foliage color in their areas, citing conditions such as brilliance, percentage of leaves changed, predominating colors and stages (just beginning, near peak, peak and past peak).
I LOVE NEW YORK compiles its weekly reports based upon information called in by the spotters.