Auburn Boxing Fitness

Body without the Fight!

Auburn Boxing Fitness is a new business located at 41 Wall Street, offering all the boxing equipment one needs to get a great boxing workout, without facing an opponent. Equipment includes 9 punching bags, speed bags, double-end focus bags and a reflex bag. Gloves are supplied if needed.

The business is owned and operated by USA certified Boxing Coach Bill Simmonds, along with another certified instructor. Members will be taught how to properly wrap their hands, work the boxer’s stance, throw punches in combinations, defense techniques, and all types of conditioning. The gym also features cardio equipment like treadmills, ellipticals and exercise bikes, plus free weights and plate-loaded weight equipment.

For those that want the fight, there is amateur competition boxing training, for anyone ages 8 years old and up. Coming soon are box-aerobics and cardio kick-box classes. Specialized training is included with the membership, but fitness classes are extra. The membership fee is $65 a month. For more information please call: 315.209.0843 or 315.2537131.