Downtown Welcomes Mesa Grande Taqueria!

Downtown Welcomes Mesa Grande Taqueria!

A very welcome addition to downtown, and the Genesee Center, Mesa Grande Taqueria (MG) opened to crowds of people anxious to try authentic California-Mexican style burritos, tacos, nachos, quesadillas and salads. The decor is the perfect visual compliment to the food, it’s very modern, clean and industrial. Citrus lime green walls, stainless steel counters and high-tops and pendant lighting are not your typical environment for Auburn’s current dining options.

Owner, Jim Daddabbo, who returned to Auburn almost two years ago, was one of the founders of Daddabbo’s Pizza ten years ago. Daddabbo had lived in Los Angeles off and on since 1993. But after the birth of his first child and with another on the way, he and his wife decided to return home to be closer to family.

When planning his new venture, Daddabbo looked to fill what he saw as a need in Auburn and also bring a little of what he loved from L.A. back to New York. “When I was growing up we had Taco Village here in Auburn and I knew I liked burritos, but I had never had a real authentic burrito until I moved to L.A., and I loved it.”

The restaurant itself is in the style termed “quick casual.” Daddabbo said these kinds of places have a broad appeal, in that they offer good quality food, but in a quicker manner than a traditional sit-down restaurant. Patrons come in and place their order and watch it being made right in front of them, conversing back and forth with MG staff, choosing from a wide variety of toppings, salsas and sauces.

There are a number of vegetarian options on the menu, another refreshing point of difference. At MG, they roast our own peppers, chilies and corn, the salsas are all made there, and they smoke our own meats.

Owner Jim Daddabbo was very conscious about not creating unnecessary waste, and chose to stay away from disposable plates, cups and cutlery. MG boasts energy-efficient lighting, reusable metal silverware and baskets, real glasses as opposed to plastic or paper cups and biodegradable to-go utensils. The restaurant is committed to reduce its carbon footprint. Kudos for keeping it green!

Families and downtown professionals may appreciate this new eatery the most, the service is extremely fast, and the ingredients are very fresh. It’s ideal for take-out, or a quick lunch or dinner. There are ample seating areas, for those that prefer to eat in.

Prices are quite reasonable and portions are large. Splitting an entree is an option for those with smaller appetites and budgets. So, if you haven’t already, give MG a try and spread the word about this new downtown taqueria. For more information call 315-252-6252, or visit