Syracuse and Onondaga County Cardiff Giant

Fun Fact about Syracuse & Onondaga County …. did you know …..

… the hamlet of Cardiff, which lies within the town of LaFayette, is the home to one of the biggest hoaxes in American History – the Cardiff Giant. George Hull, an atheist, hired a sculptor in Chicago and had the finished “giant” shipped by rail to the farm of William Newell where it was buried. About a year later (October 16, 1869), he had workers dig a well on the site and they found the giant. Hull set up a tent and charged 25 cents per person to see it. The premise was that this was evidence of a giant race of peoples that were mentioned in the Bible, Genesis 6:4. Eventually the exhibit was sold and moved to Syracuse where P.T. Barnum offered the new owner $50,000. When Barnum was turned down, he had a plaster replica made, noting that his was the original. In 1870, after much litigation, both were declared fakes. The original piece can be seen today at the Farmers Museum in Cooperstown.

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