September, 2011 Baltimore Woods Activities

September, 2011 Baltimore Woods Activities

10 Art Gallery Reception 2-4pm

Everyone is invited to visit the art gallery, meet wildlife artist Bob Ripley and view the exhibit Natural Selections. Enjoy an afternoon of art and good company. Admission and parking are free; this event is open to the public.

12 Nature’s Little Explorer’s: Bugs and Slugs 10-11:30am

Join us for a log rollin’ good time! We’ll explore The Woods on a scavenger hunt for….you guessed it! Bugs and Slugs! Children must be accompanied by an adult. Registration deadline is September 10th. $8/child (member); $12/child (nonmember); adults free.

12 Home School Expeditions: Fabulous Frogs 1-2:30pm

Hop on over to Phillips Pond and explore the fabulous world of frogs! Be sure to wear clothes that will get muddy! Meet at the lower parking lot. Registration deadline is September 10th. $8/child (member); $12/child (nonmember); adults free.

16 Star Party: Elusive Planets 8-10pm

The summer skies are sinking and the fall skies are taking over. Many distant galaxies can be viewed as distant patches of light in a telescope, plus the elusive planets Uranus and Neptune. $5 for members, $15/family; $8 for nonmembers, $25/family. Back-up date: Sept. 17th

18 envIRONmental CHEF homegrown 4-6:30pm

Celebrity Chefs Compete in Cook-Off Competition. Four of the area’s best chefs cook-off in a culinary competition using local foods. Sous chefs are chosen from patron ticket holders, and the audience members are the judges! Sampling tables of locally grown and produced foods connect people to the abundance available in CNY. Tickets on sale now: $75 pp general admission; $100 pp patron admission includes chance to be a sous-chef at the event and a mystery swag bag. This event is held in memory of Jean Graham, and is a fundraiser for Baltimore Woods Nature Center.Visit for full information and tickets.

21 Cool Bugs!: An Evening with Steven Daniels 7-8:30pm

Join Steven Daniels, an expert on butterflies, as he takes a closer look into the extraordinary lives and lifestyles of our 6-legged friends. This fascinating lecture is designed for older children and adults. $5 for members; $15/family; $8 for nonmembers, $25/family.

24 Barefoot Hike 1-2:30pm

Free your feet! Come feel the earth under your soles again at Baltimore Woods, as Barefoot Bob (official member of the Barefoot Society of CNY) reconnects you to this underutilized mode of transportation. Join Bob for a half-mile barefoot hike along the Valley Trail over grass, wooden bridges, leaves and soil. Accommodates 5-20. This program is not intended for families with strollers. $5 for members; $15/family; $8 for nonmembers, $25/family.

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