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Pope Joan Movie in the U.S.!

Many of you have been asking
when you will get to see the movie version of Pope Joan. Finally I can tell
you: the movie will show in the U.S. as a two-night television mini-series!
It will air on REELZ TV.

REELZ Channel is a perfect fit for Pope Joan. Just
like my novel, REELZ is an “upstart”–a salmon swimming upstream
against powerful currents. REELZ was bold enough to air “The
Kennedys”, after major networks were scared off by pressure from the
Kennedy family.

The good news: no one has ever seen this version of the movie. That’s because this version of Pope Joan has an additional
25 minutes of film that was excised from the theatrical release. And they
make the movie even better! This special two-night mini-series also
includes an interview with me and probably some “behind the
scenes” film in a “Making of Pope Joan” extra.

I’m very excited about this U.S. debut–especially as,
with the extra 25 minutes, it represents the director’s original vision.
But as always, there’s:

The bad news: the mini-series airs on December 18th/19th.

Having gotten to know so many of my wonderful book
group readers personally through speakerphone chats, I know this is just
when you are probably busy cooking/preparing/partying/traveling/decorating
for the holidays (as am I!)

Here are the details: 

1. Part One: December 18th at 8m Eastern time. And then again a second time at 8pm Pacific Time (9 pm
Central, 10 pm Mountain, 11 pm Eastern time).

2. Part Two: December 19th at 8pm Eastern time. And again at 8pm Pacific Time (9pm Central , 10 pm Mountain,
11pm Eastern).

Unsure whether you receive REELZ channel or not? Click
HERE to see where you can find it on your TV
. (In the upper right, see
“Watch ReelzChannel TV – and enter your zip code.)

I’m hoping you’ll be able to find time in your busy
schedules to view the movie as it was originally envisioned. And even more
important–to spread the word as widely as possible. Here’s some ways you
can do this:

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Channel showing of Pope Joan

bottom line:
fourteen years of battling for Pope Joan–first to publicize the book, then
to get the movie made, then to get the movie released in the U.S., it has
finally all come down to this pinpoint in time. If the mini-series does
well (i.e. gets good ratings), my poor orphaned novel, abandoned when first
published, will finally get the promotion it’s never had in the U.S.

You have all helped and heartened me for so long. That
means more to me than you can ever know.

With gratitude to you all. And heartfelt wishes for
the happiest–and safest–of holiday seasons.


Donna Woolfolk Cross


November 2011



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