Bonnie Block, MAVES CPR/First Aid trainer, conducts a training session utilizing mannequins.

Bonnie Block, MAVES CPR/First Aid trainer, conducts a training session utilizing mannequins.


KeyBank supports Baltimore Woods Nature Center and MAVES collaboration for emergency response training


Thanks to a grant from KeyBank, Baltimore Woods Nature Center and Marcellus Ambulance Volunteer Emergency Service (MAVES) are collaborating to train the community in life-saving CPR, First Aid and Babysitter courses.  Eight people attended the inaugural Basic Life Support class offered February 23rd from 6-10 pm at MAVES headquarters on Lee Mulroy Road in Marcellus.


Baltimore Woods applied for the grant, originally to train someone on their staff as a CPR trainer.  When KeyBank awarded the grant and they started investigating their options, they realized the impact of the KeyBank investment would be far greater if they worked with MAVES.  According to Baltimore Woods Executive Director Patty Weisse, “Friends who volunteer for ambulance services encouraged us to consider that the skills people learn in a CPR class are perishable.  The class is far more engaging and relevant when taught by someone who uses the skills on a regular basis.  It was a no-brainer to give MAVES a call since they just opened a new facility right down the hill.”


Bonnie Block is MAVES CPR/First Aid trainer.  According to Block “This was a win-win scenario.  We wanted to start a training program and needed funds to invest in state-of-the-art training mannequins.  By sharing the grant resources, we can not only meet Baltimore Woods needs for training, but extend them across a far wider audience.”


KeyBank approved the grant because it lines up with their funding priorities by providing training to Baltimore Woods staff so their campers, hikers and volunteers have early access to life-saving care in the event of emergencies.  According to KeyBank’s CNY Community Relations Manager Gina Tonello, “The synergistic impact of the collaboration between Baltimore Woods and MAVES is an impressive example of non-profit collaboration. The entire community wins!”


MAVES intends to offer training sessions at their Lee Mulroy Road facility.  The new mannequins have special features such as signal lights that indicate whether CPR is being applied at the right rate, depth, and location.  The new choking mannequins have objects that are dislodged from the throat when the class participant applies the Heimlich maneuver in the proper way.


Look for notice of upcoming MAVES training sessions in the Baltimore Woods Nature Center newsletter as well as on the MAVES Facebook Page (search on FB under Marcellus Ambulance).

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