Armory Square played an instrumental part in Syracuse’

Fun Fact about the Syracuse area …did you know…

… that from its humble start, Armory Square played an instrumental part in Syracuse’s industrial and economic life.  In 1849, the mill pond and swamp that once covered the area was filled in with dirt from Prospect Hill (near current day St. Joseph’s Hospital).  The first armory was erected in 1859 for the 51st Regiment and was designed by Horatio Nelson White.   The current armory building (now home to the MOST) was rebuilt in 1874 after fire left most of the original building in ruin.  When the railroads came to town, there were two stations located in this area due to the large number of warehouses, boarding houses and manufacturers located there. In the 1930’s when the railroads were removed from the streets downtown, much of that activity left as well.  The area was left relatively empty and buildings were left to decay.  But in the 1970’s, a group of forward-thinking entrepreneurs, architects and artists began buying these buildings and transforming them into productive pieces of real estate.  Today, Armory Square is home to retails businesses, great restaurants, upscale apartments and condos, offices, art galleries, a science museum and much more.

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