Fall into the season and fill your life with art.


“Fall Into Your Art-ful Life”

Fall into the season and fill your life with art.  You are invited to join us for our First Friday celebration on Friday October 5th from 6-9 p.m. where we will be celebrating the pottery works of Wes Weiss.  Finger foods and light refreshments will be served.


The Skaneateles Artisans Gallery Under the Stone is located in The Old Stone Mill at 3 Fennell Street (lower level), offers off-street parking as well as municipal parking, and accepts major credit cards. Visit our website at www.skaneatelesartisans.com. For more information, call 315-685-8580.

Wes Weiss; I am a Central New York resident, currently working out of the studio at Clayscapes Pottery in Syracuse.

My initial exposure to ceramics was at State University College at Oswego in the early 70’s, and later in the 80’s at Syracuse University. I am now taking classes with Tim See.

I hand build using slab construction methods, and enjoy creating curved pieces from leather-hard clay to create architectural and organic forms.  One interest is using heavy doses of colorants wedged into different clay bodies. I have fired in pit, raku, cone 6 oxidation, cone 9 reduction, and wood fire.   I get great results in the wood fire by marbling clay with 2% iron oxide.  I am currently working on carved tree forms and  large organic shapes.