Auburn Public Theater – Across the Board

January 3, 2014

Friday, 5pm – 8pm

Free as part of First Friday

Noma Bliss (artist) is collaborating with friends and family to design works of art that encourage people to express themselves.  We are living in a time that the pace of living is so fast, that people have to set aside time for one another. Being creative is one of the best ways to unite families and friend.  Art keeps us connected.

Artists that will be showcased:


Taryn Yeomans

Isabella Meyer

Rachel Meyer

Meaghan Cologgi (Muddy Paw Grooming)

Isabella Barbagallo

Judy Rosenberg

Finn Underhill

Charlie Underhill

Jamin Rathbun

Samson Rathbun

Heschel Eidel