Bob Sima Concert and Workshop – Auburn Public Theater


Bob Sima Concert and Workshop

March 29, 2014

Saturday, Workshop 10am – 2pm,

Concert 8pm

Fans of Dave Matthews, Martin Sexton, David Grey, Jack Johnson, James Taylor, will love the music of Bob Sima.

Bob Sima’s music is a living experience worthy of sharing with the world. Each song will speak directly to you, often being the inspiration or motivation that will touch your heart, challenge your mind, and nourish your soul. The beauty of Bob Sima’s music is its eternal imprint that shifts and expands as you grow and evolve, always supporting your personal transformation and delivering the timeless and universal messages that you need at any given moment.

~Fan Testimonial

About “Then Sings My Soul” Workshop

Whether you already consider yourself a “creative” or whether you want to ignite the creative energy that everyone has within, you will want to be present for this experiential workshop. You will actively participate in individual and shared exercises to awaken and energize your song.  What makes your soul sing?  Who makes your soul sing?  How does your soul sing?  Where does your soul sing?  Why does your soul sing?  Bob Sima will provide a 4-hour soul-searching workshop that will connect you with your Source of Creativity.  No musical talent is required.  It goes way beyond music and straight to the glow in your heart.

**Please bring a bag lunch, as this class will include a short ‘working lunch’ break.” ** 

About Bob Sima

When Bob Sima opens his mouth to sing what comes out is far beyond the human sounds of a warm and soulful voice. Beyond the songs, beyond the voice, beyond the stories. Yes…there’s more. A lesson, a nudge, a reminder, of the simple splendor of this place and these experiences we all share. The unique beauty is his presentation of these ancient messages – the conversations he has with the master teachers of the universe – in music that lives and breathes across generations. Bob has been called “Eckhart Tolle with a guitar” and his music truly heals and expands the heart. What draws you in is his ability to share these insights in a way that grabs your listening ear, inspires your beating heart, awakens your inner spirit, and transforms your most intimate desires. He is a poet, observer, scribe, and healer – all divinely bundled as a singing, songwriting transformative energy. His gift of music is a magnifying glass to the soul, each song sincere and worth repeating for a lifetime. The seemingly casual fashion that Bob makes his guitar speak is not coincidentally right in rhythm with all of the toes tapping, tears dripping, and hands clapping in the room. Bob truly moves his audiences – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Bob is a different kind of musician and songwriter, with distinctive dreams and aspirations for his audience. Bob is more influenced by the likes of Rumi and Gandhi than he is by Dylan and Springsteen. Part of Bob’s music mission states the following: “Each and every song I channel begins as my personal conversation with Source delivered as life lessons of spiritual growth and transformation. Just as these conversations birth expansion, awakening, and remembrance in me, I share my gift to soften the hardest of hearts, widen the narrowest of smiles, loosen the tightest of grips, lighten the heaviest of loads, and thin the thickest of walls of as many souls as I can possibly reach.” Bob is a nationally touring and award-winning singer-songwriter who most recently won a Positive Music Award through emPower Music & Arts for his song “How You Made Them Feel”, captured “Show of the Year” at RamsHead OnStage in Annapolis MD, and received the Positive Music Association’s Seal of Excellence for his album Thin Little Veil. Bob Sima:

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PLAY IT FORWARD, one song at a time! It’s that simple. This music is indescribable, but the feeling that stays with you is as timeless as a reminder of life’s intense beauty, a memory of the deep connection that we all share, a call to love and be loved. So download any or all of the songs here (there are 2 brand new, unreleased acoustic songs too!). For the month of March 2014, all tips received during this campaign will be gifted to the Auburn Public Theater.