Sharing Medicine of Love in Skaneateles, NY

Sharing the Medicine of Love presents original ceremonies and daily practices of expressing love to children, family and friends. Based on Native American ritual, the ceremonies begin with ‘Moontime’ for young pubescent girls; others give solace to the grieving and depressed; the types of ceremonies are limitless. In addition, techniques are discussed to encourage easy dialogue in our daily lives, leading to open communication where there may have been none.

Mary Shelly Local Notable Ithaca Artist

My folk art americana art work is entirely carved in white pine and then painted with acrylics. Each piece is a unique original. I am untaught and untrained as a visual artist. I learned a number of useful skills during my work in the trades as a signpainter and carpenter. I was born in Doylestown, Pennsylvania in 1950. I have lived in Ithaca, New York ever since I graduated from Cornell ’72 with a major in creative writing. While at Cornell, I wanted to be a writer. One year after graduating my father gave me a painted wood carving he had made of me at the farm where I grew up (my father’s work). I soon tried my hand at visual artwork as well, and soon had stopped writing and was only doing visual art. I am commonly referred to as a folk artist, although I feel

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