Picture Skaneateles Reisling

I found this and more at Swede1971 at Flickr. Thankfully, several locals are beginning to cultivate grapes on the western side of Skaneateles Lake. In pnly a few years; Move Over Napa Valley!

Picture Skaneateles In Winter

If you don’t live here, you would not know that the building on the left is also St. James Episcpal Church, same as the previous image. This was also found on Flickr

Picture Skaneateles: St James Church

I found this at Flickr from a guy I Iknow we would like a lot. Read why for yourself at his account. Matt also says: If you are interested in purchasing any of the high quality versions of my prints, you can email me at champy1013@yahoo.com Meanwhile, this is St. James Episcopal Church and those of us who live in …

Live in the StoryBook

Skaneateles is a StoryBook Village. We live here and we know why: Walk to everything, sit on park benches with your neighbors, run to the Community Center to then work out, shop in one of the very unusual shops (like Angels on the Lake or Bella Blue) before you have lunch at Joe’s Pasta Garage. Guess What? You can live …