interested in attending a Contra Dance?

So, are you interested in attending a Contra Dance? For more than 10 years one has taken place right here in Skaneateles, NY every winter. You may know it as the Cabin Fever Dance. Below are the details on this winter’s Cabin Fever Dance:


Judy Bryant has been researching her family and its history for many years. On Tuesday, April 22, Judy will present a program on her family in the context of the search experience. Judy’s grandfather, Demsey Bryant, born in New Bern, North Carolina, in 1848, was the son of freed slaves and served in the Civil War. Only 17 when it ended, he headed north and settled in central New York and eventually Skaneateles where he owned five houses on West Elizabeth Street, in one of which Judy grew up. Judy’s father, Henry “Hank” Bryant, was a noted local musician and active in Skaneateles community affairs, especially the Lions

Skaneateles Boats Company by Sparkman & Stephens

One of our current special exhibits focuses on the Lightning class sailboat, which was designed for the Barnes brothers of Skaneateles Boats Company by Sparkman & Stephens in 1937. Skaneateles Boats produced Lightning #1 in 1938. The Lightning 70th Anniversary Regatta is scheduled for July 4 through July 6, 2008.

Skaneateles Historical Society Website, NEW!

The Creamery opened in 1899 as a place for local farmers to sell their milk and for residents to buy dairy products. In 1918 the Skaneateles Creamery Company was sold to the Best Ice Cream Company. They in turn sold it in 1948 to the Borden Milk Company, which ended operations here the following year. A local businessman bought the building for storage space and in 1989 donated it to the Village.