Rapunzel Open Hand Theatre Syracuse, NY

A WORLD OF PUPPETS March 1, 2008  11 am Rapunzel Have you ever wished you could be someone else? Rapunzel is very clever in this wild and wacky adaptation of the classic tale. An old washerwoman tells the story using a variety of objects and puppets found in the laundry. A creative inspiration for all ages! Saturday Mornings Performance Series …

Good and Evil Lecture in Syracuse, NY

Join David Prince, curator of Images of Vice and Virtue from the Syracuse University Art Collection and Everson curator Debora Ryan for a dynamic discussion that will focus on fundamental themes of good and evil explored by artists in this exhibition, including Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol.

Vice and Virtue from the Syracuse University

Images of Vice and Virtue investigates how artists from different cultures and time periods visualized fundamental themes of good and evil. Early civilizations enacted codes of conduct believing that individual behavior benefited from these guidelines. The ancient Greeks developed a set of inspirational values that included prudence, justice, courage and temperance. Later, Christianity refined and enlarged these to the seven holy virtues against which were set seven deadly sins. Additionally, bible stories illustrated what would happen to individuals who either followed or violated church doctrine.