Like Water For Chocolate in Auburn New York

Expect to be very hungry (and perhaps amorous) after watching this contemporary classic in the small genre of food movies that includes Babette’s Feast and Big Night. Director Alfonso Arau (A Walk in the Clouds), adapting a novel by his former wife, Laura Esquivel, tells the story of a young woman (Lumi Cavazos) who learns to suppress her passions under the eye of a stern mother, but channels them into her cooking. The

Homer New York Center for Arts

The activities held here at the Center are countless and the possibilities of what is to come are endless, but whatever it is that brought you here says, “You care”. You care about having and keeping the Arts in your life and that, my friend, is important! For without your caring, organizations such as this cannot exist.

The John Jorgenson Quintet in Central New York

This will be an evening of Franco-American Swing and the reviews are unanimous from audiences, colleagues and press – the performances are simply exhilarating! The combination of Jorgenson’s phenomenal musicianship and engaging personality bring this elegant music to life for audiences of all ages. Inspired by the music created