EVENTS AT AUBURN PUBLIC THEATER Thursday, Sept 24th and Friday, Sept 25th, 2009 from 9am – 2pm APT WHITE TAG SALE Auburn Public Theater is having a tag sale to raise funds for our non-profit arts center. Come down to the Genesee Street entrance and find exciting antiques, collectibles and other donated items. Details Auburn Public Theater 108 Genesee Street …

Auburn Public Theatre Cinema: Do The Right Thing

Spike Lee’s incendiary look at race relations in America, circa 1989, is so colorful and exuberant for its first three-quarters that you can almost forget the terrible confrontation that the movie inexorably builds toward. Do the Right Thing is a joyful, tumultuous masterpiece–maybe the best film ever made about race in America, revealing racial prejudices and stereotypes in all their guises and demonstrating how a deadly riot can erupt out of a series of small misunderstandings. Set on

COMMUNITY EVENTS AT Auburn Public Theatre

Join Auburn Public Theater founders Janie MicGlire and Angela Daddabbo and veteran teacher/director/costume designer/make-up artist, Diane Bauso, as they mount APT’s first ever Thanksgiving Production. Your child will be given the opportunity to sing, dance